Had it not been a requirement for class to follow this site, I never would’ve, and now, a semester later, I probably won’t ever again. Eager to read material and follow stories out of my normal topics of interest, Politico failed to romance me into becoming a regular follower. While effective for most of their […]

Politico doesn’t seem to be the kind of publication to jump on the nearest bandwagon, least of all with social media. I’m not surprised or disappointed, given their target readership and their content, they don’t need to be. In fact I’m surprised at their effective twitter feed (featuring videos, comics, and some flavor) and even […]

Let me begin by saying I know more about thrifting than I do about putting video packages together. Or, at least, I have more confidence in the former. The concept came about easily enough. Too many folks I know are intimidated and overwhelmed by thrifting, but it’s all about knowing what you’re getting into. Not […]

First let me just say that unsurprisingly I didn’t find much Oscar coverage on Politico. They tend to stick to what they know best. So I started to look elsewhere, to see what this film and it’s award was stirring up. Back in September after the movie initially debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, Vulture […]

Although I’ve been gaining an appreciation for their writing and reporting (especially the international coverage), Politico does not know how to do video. They can create polls and string together a photo series, but video is certainly a weakness. Watching through some of the videos they host on their site, it didn’t take long to […]

Unsurprisingly Politico covered seemingly every angle of the Scalia story, who would succeed him, who would attend the funeral, and what about those murder rumors? Each post was brief and information driven, as seems Politico’s pattern. Not meant to entertain, the reporters have been eagerly covering any new information on the topic, especially when it […]

Superbowl or New Hampshire primaries? Strangely enough, little information is to be found on the political website about the Superbowl, which leaves me to discuss their coverage of the recent primaries. Being a solely political site, I imagined the coverage to be in-depth and varied. Politico readers, I assume, are invested in all aspects of […]